President's Message

We are now upon our two big events for the fall.  Student Night and our Fall conference.  As we move forward through this time of year we all start to get busier as the holidays approach.  We hope that you will be able to make some time to come out to either of these events and begin to think of some of the ones for the new year.  For 2018, we are planning on a Tax Update for January 19th and will have our annual conference on April 27th.  We are planning on having Mr. Excel come in this year for a full day conference.  

We are always looking for more things to do and encourage all of you to reach out to the board if you have any thoughts or suggestions for events or activities that you would like to see the board do.  We also encourage you to be a part of the board.   There are many activities that go on in planning the events so there is opportunities for all regardless of the time you have available. 

On behalf of the 2017/2018 board we all look forward to working with you to make the Louisville Chapter of the IMA the best that it can be! 

Dennis Harding, President 

(502) 417-9940