Student Mentor Program

2019 Fall Student-Mentor Program

The Student-Mentor Program offers students the opportunity to spend quality time with experienced professionals in accounting and finance to help them gain knowledge regarding their career choices after college

Program objectives are:
  • Create meaningful lasting professional relationships with local professionals to gain insight and support when making career decisions
  • Understand the difference: Management vs Financial vs Public Accounting
  • Network and gain industry understanding to increase student’s professional marketability
  • Leadership and Personal Development to help each student stand out and be recognized as top notch talent

For specific learning objectives review our 2019-2020 SMP Guide


Time commitment needed to successfully complete the program during the Semester:
1. Regular Student-Mentor Meetings: 4-7 meetings (30-60 minutes)
(This includes 1-1 meetings, networking, student night, job shadowing etc, as recommended by the Program Guide)

2. Group Event for Student-Mentor Participants: 3 meetings  (Saturdays)
* Fall Semester Start Date: September 7, 2019 - Welcome Brunch
* Mid-Semester Check In and Team Building: November 2, 2019 - Lunch (may count as networking event)
* Fall Semester End Date: December 14, 2019 - Brunch & Achievement Ceremony

If you are interested in joining our program as a student/mentor in future semesters please register here.

2019 Fall MP Invite


Congratulations to our students and mentors for successful completion of the Program. 
Thank you for your time, wisdom, and dedication to teach each other about the profession.

2019 Spring Student Mentor Program
The Louisville Chapter started the mentor program in 2017.
The Strategic Finance magazine published information about the program in August 2017 edition